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Samurai 7

Versi          :Anime Version

Total Episodes :26 Episodes

Pengarang      :Gonzo

Release        :2004

Genre          :Action,Fantasy,Historical

Status         :

Plot :

Samurai 7 tells the story of a village named Kanna. Every year during the harvest a group of bandits come and steal away almost all of the rice that had been harvested that year. Not only that, the bandits are becoming more demanding, now taking women and children in addition to rice.
The elder of Kanna Village has decided that to protect the village they must hire samurai to fight against the bandits. However, the village has no money and thus must find samurai willing to protect the village for a payment of rice. Three members of the village leave to attempt to recruit samurai. They travel to the city and search for samurai willing to work, and after finding several samurai and having a few encounters with the local government they return to Kanna village to prepare defenses against the bandits.
The samurai train the villagers in the use of bows, building walls, and construct a giant ballista to defend the village against the bandits. After successfully defeating the bandits, the samurai then launch an attack upon the capital to defeat a power-hungry ruler who has recently risen to power as Emperor. After heavy casualties for the samurai, and the near-destruction of Kanna village, the capital is finally defeated.

Character :
Shimada Kanbei

Okamoto Katsushiro

Katayama Gorobei



Hayashida Heihachi


Download Episodes :
01 - The Master

02 - The Pupil

03 - The Entertainer

04 - The Loner

05 - The Drifter

06 - The Fool

07 - The Fool

08 - The Guardians

09 - The Bandits

10 - The Journey

11 - The Village

12 - The Truth

13 - The Attack
14 - The Offering
15 - The Gun and the Calm
16 - The Storm
17 - The Remembrance
18 - The Emperor
19 - The Mutiny
20 - The Execution
21 - The Rescue
22 - The Divide
23 - The Lies
24 - The Oaths
25 - The Last Battle
26 - The Era`s End

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