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Akazukin Chacha

Versi          :Anime Version
Total Episodes :74 Episodes + 3 OVA
Pengarang      :Min Ayahana
release        :1994 - 1996
Genre          :Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
Status         :Complete

Plot : 
At the beginning of the anime, when Chacha is about to begin school, Seravy gave her a pendant called the Princess Medallion, and a magical bracelet and ring to Riiya and Shiine respectively. The Princess Medallion enables Chacha to transform into the Magical Princess, who can defeat Daimaō's minions, when she shouts the phrase "Let Love, Courage and Hope -- Magical Princess Holy Up!". However, the transformation works only if the three of them get together.
In season one, Chacha, Shiine, and Riiya attend Urara School, named after their principal Urara. The three are in Banana Class with their teacher named Rascal-sensei who wields a whip and looks strict, but is actually very kind. On the same class is Kurozukin ("black-hooded") Yakko and Orin. Yakko admires Seravy deeply and even calls him Seravy-sama. Orin is a ninja of the Momonga Clan, and good at concealing herself. Orin is probably the most truthful character in the story, she develops a crush on Shiine when they first met. Later a selfish mermaid called Marine tags along because she is interested in Riiya.
In the second season, after Chacha's weapon, the Beauty Serene Arrow, is unable to beat one of Daimaō's minions, Access, the trio began to search for another, more powerful weapon called the Phoenix Sword or Wing Kris. As they do so, Chacha discovers that her parents are the King and Queen of their land. After encountering many obstacles, they find Phoenix Sword. They then begin their quest for the Bird Shield, the third weapon that the Magical Princess must acquire to defeat Daimaō's minions. At the end of this story arc, Chacha, Shiine, Riiya, Orin, Yakko, Marine, Dorothy, and Seravy together, as the eight Holy Warriors of Love, Courage, and Hope, get inside Daimaō's castle. They defeat Daimaō, after which the castle and the kingdom changes back to its original shape and color.
In season three, the King's Crest, which is a magical artifact called the Holy Bird, is stolen by one of Daimaō's minions, Soprano. Whoever possesses the King's Crest can make the world good or evil. When Chacha as the Magical Princess fights Soprano, by accident they break the seal, allowing demons to enter their world and start devastating their land. Seravy tells them that to close the seal again, they must use things that are from gods or goddess. Because the Pendant, Bracelet, and Ring were given to them by Queen Joan, now a goddess, they sacrifice the three items to save the world. As a result, Chacha can no longer change into the Magical Princess, but her family gives her three more magical items, a magical brooch, compact, and Crescent Aurora Bracelet, which she can use to call up a boomerang which in turn brings her the items that can solve her problems. At the end of the series, Seravy settles down, engaged to be married to his former classmate, Dorothy.

Character :







Rascal Sensei


Download Episodes:
25 - Why? Why? The Arrow is Defeated
26 - Move it! You`re in the Way of Our Love
27 - Chacha`s Power at the Fiery Place
28 - The Explorers of Phoenix Pond
29 - Welcome to the Home of Phoenix
30 - At Last! The Wing Kris
31 - Lots of Training
32 - Dangerous Love Triangle
33 - Shiine-chan`s Fateful Confrontation
34 - Reunion. Tearful Nursery Song
35 - Yet Again, Nyandaber
36 - The Mirror of Truth Lies
37 - Flower-sprouting teacher, Barabaraman
38 - Everyone`s an Animal
39 - Kappa Roll at the Dragon Palace
40 - Breakfast in the Kitty House
41 - The Sleepy Demon Erupts
42 - In Search of the Legendary Shield
43 - The Bird Shield is Completed
44 - Grand Class Reunion
45 - Who`s the real one?
46 - Onward! Magical Ninja Squad
47 - Cross the Bridge of Friendship
48 - Racoon Battle! The Bunbuku Teapot
49 - Go Forth, Legendary Warriors!
50 - Final Battle of Love, Courage, and Hope
51 - The Princess` Holiday
52 - Escape! Escape! To No Prevail!
53 - I`m the Strongest in the World?
54 - Ceaseless Challengers
55 - Don`t Forget About the King`s Crest
56 - Good Bye, Holy Up
57 - Skate to Be the World`s Best
58 - Elizabeth S.O.S.
59 - A Tiny Little Love Story
60 - I Like... I Like... Yakko-chan
61 - Young Seravy`s Adventures
62 - Scoop! Pink`s Secret
63 - A Thorny 3-Legged Race
64 - Surprise! Riiya`s Mama?
65 - Nostalgic Nyandaber
66 - Strict Teacher Mayachon
67 - Terror! Friday the 12th
68 - Umibouko! Big Battle Over First Love!
69 - Operation Dance Party!
70 - The Tale of Yakko-chan`s First Love
71 - Again! Tono`s Return
72 - Shiine-chan`s Big Mistake
73 - The Secret of Dorothy`s Castle
74 - Wedding Announcement Rumble!


01 - Here Comes Popy-kun!
02 - Catching the Trip to the Hot Springs!
03 - Goodbye Chacha! A Tearful Hana Ichi Monme

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